Our meetings are on the 3rd Saturday of the month in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

The July's meeting has been cancelled. We have a lot to discuss and we value each personís opinion. Please join us for some great food, Fun, and Fellowship with our amazing Tennessee Miniature Horse Friends. We are sadden by the loss of three dear friends: Cathy Bradford, Janice Vick, and Donnie Wilson. Please continue to pray for the families as they deal with the sudden loss of their love ones. A MESSAGE FROM THE HORSES MOUTH The Clubís May meeting was held at the Oak in Manchester with 10 members in attendance. A quick review of the Annual Show results was discussed. There were several other matters considered by the Club members. We reported the death of Cathy Bradford and the death of Larry Vickís wife. The Club members decided to not sponsor the Tennessee 4-H Roundup nor the Junior High Academic Conference. The Club members discussed the opportunity to host a Fun Show on June 24th at Estill Spring Park. Lee Tucker has temporarily reserved the facility. After much discussion and determination of a number of conflicts with Club members, a decision was made to not attempt a Fun Show in June. The Club members discussed the possibility of the 2018 Annual Show being an AMHR Show only. The 2018 Show would be a two Show on Saturday and Sunday. The Club will explore the possibility of a different location and possibility of different dates. The next Club meeting will be July 15th. The Oak will be closed on that date. Patricia will find a location for the meeting and announce in the Newsletter. I hope to see everyone at the July 15th meeting. Roger.


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